Government overreach In Vaccines
Horrific Finders In The Blood Of The Vaccinated

Deaths from Covid "Vaccine" So High The Facts Can No Longer Be Suppressed

Lucifer Is In This Vaccine!

If You Have Taken The Vaccine Please Hear This Instruction!

The Vaccinated Can Be Patented

Worldwide Genocide Continues

Critical Race Theory???

Listen To BLM founder in St. Paul Minnesota

Reproductive Freedom Act Targets African Americans

Washington DC Times - Are You Woke To Black Genocide?

Pro-Family Groups Rally Against Freedom Reproductive Act.

Massive Depopulation Plan

The Level Playing Field
Dr. Childress in PBS Documentary exposing medical racism
Your Being Ripped Off Healt Hoodlums #1
Your Being Ripped Off Health Hoodlums #2
Dozens of N.J. legislators receive more than one public paycheck.
1 in 3 Legislators Holds Extra Public Job.
Parental Notification First Step in Stopping Human Trafficking in New Jersey.
Support nonpublic school scholarship.
Voucher are the obvious choice.
Catholic School: Partner in NJ Education Efforts.
It's schools that fail test.