Today's issues that will effect our tomorrow


School Choice

The School Choice movement has been success in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Washington DC, and other cities. It has improved the quality of education as it brought competition into the school environment. It protects the parents right to have their tax dollars follow their child to the school of their choice. Letís empowered the parent and let them decide.



Tax Reform

In the past 6 years our state budget has increased over 10 Billion dollars. Families canít afford to live in New Jersey and are leaving the state, Business also has sought greener pastures due to the excessive levy of taxes. I pledge not to vote for any Tax increase and seek to relieve the present burden of home owners.   


Traditional Marriage

Marriage the sacred union between one man and one woman is the fundamental building block of all societies. When marriage is redefined it has always weakened the institution of marriage and thus society. This has been proven repeatedly throughout history. The most adversely effected by altering marriage is children. Every sociological study done confirms that children are far better off with both of their natural parents in the household.