I'm overcome with excitement regarding the anticipation that my candidacy for statewide office is bringing. Many of you have consistently encouraged me to remain involved in the political arena as the call for PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP is loud and enduring. Never before has the lack of effective, efficient and ethical leadership in our state been so profoundly visible. I unfortunately, quickly becoming a state more renowned for its corrupt and back-door dealing elected officials than for its technology, infrastructure and jurisprudence.

While I have previously been a member of a major political party, I strongly agree that espousing the correct ideals outweighs association with any particular political party. Principles will always outweigh politics and more important than with whom one stands is for what one stands. With this backdrop, Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. hereby announce his candidacy for the Assembly in the 34th District as Independent.


My decision to run for the Assembly as an Independent in no way signifies my unwillingness to appreciate or embrace the ideals of republicans alike. In fact, there are core values of both political parties with which I staunchly agree as well as others with which we take issue. The fact is my status as a Independent will help me reach across the proverbial aisle (in both directions) to work with democratic and republican legislators in support of resolutions beneficial to residents of the 34th District

At this time, I need legislative leadership that will not buckle under pressure, will not seek its own agenda or enrichment and will not rubber stamp the Governor's agenda. I need leadership that will advocate for principles that are purposeful and proper although not necessarily popular. I need genuine and effective leaders that will move the 34th District and our State in the right direction. To this end, matters regarding School Choice, effective tax and ethics reform and preserving notions of traditional marriage are a few of the issues topping our legislative agenda. 

Join me as I challenge the status quo and dare to take our 34th District to new legislative heights.